Here's a story of a girl,
Living in the lonely world,
She is loneley, even thoug you can't tell
She is reaching out

For what? She don't know,
She will continue to sit in silence,
And hope that someone may stumble across,
Her and all of her emptiness,

Everyone is being alive,
She sits alone in her dreams,
Inviseble tears fall, unnoticed, unseen.

If I cut my hair,
If I change my clothes,
Will you notice me? She asked to air

If I bite my lip,
If I say hello,
Will you notice me? She asked again x Fantasy

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Name; Fantasy
Zodiac; Aquarius
Education; Psychology
Relationship; Single
Lives; in her own world
Hobby; Drawing, Painting, Dancing, Writing, Gaming, Reading
Pets; Cat Sylfayen
Color; Black and Purple


Disney movies, Cars, Art, Music,
Make-up, Allstars, Movies, Quotes, Books, Black Panthers,
Piano, Final Fantasy, Harry Potter,
Twilight saga, Sleeping, Harajuki
Dancing, Gaming, Playstation, Call of Duty. All 4 Seasons
Dragonball Z, D&G;the one, Pictures, Stories
Library's, Musea, Guitar, Sylfayen (L), Anime & Manga, History


Hate, Liars, Sneaky people that like to gossip too much,
War, Discrimination, Politics, Distinction, Ignorance,
Being ignored, Feeling invisible, Monthly Period, Alcohol,
Drugs, Intimidation, Superficiality, Backstabbers


- New Haircut
- New clothes
- New school stuff
- Visting L.
- Have a sleepover
- Go to the movies
- Having diner at the Wok
- Make a Character for my story
- Make a story chapter




19/07/09 - 26/07/09


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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Obsessed by a fairy tale, we spend our lives searching for a magic door and a lost kingdom of peace. - Eugine O'Neill


This is my first blog ever so while your reading this I wonder how you found my blog..*akward silence*
No just joking ofcourse. So I'm Fantasy (not my real name ofcourse but I'd rather stay anonymous for a while and besides this name suites me as the best, still need to get used to this whole blog world I just made part of though).

Well you could describe me as a sort of an outcast, silence type. With the deep dark eyes who I like to intimidate people with lol. Inside my mind there is a lot going on, but isn't your mind to? *thought so =)*

The reason I picked this template is because I love this kind of worlds. Just like Hogwarts -sigh-.
*dreaming* Gosh if only there would be a school like that it would be like heaven! *snaps out of it* Hey..a girl can dream right? And if you don't know what Hogwarts is, I suggest you hit google and ofcourse give your self a slap in your face =).

My 50% I love list or something I can only come up with right now ^_^;

I love to draw, I love to game (all playstation consoles, and ofcourse online shooter games ^^ I know rare for a girl right, I know you have this image now of a tomboy or something, trust me if you would see me walking down the street, the last thing you think of me as an tomboy or something lol, you would just think I'm afraid of braking my nail or something like that ), I love to write stories, I love to make fantasies, I love harajuku and Tokyo (no I'm not asian dumbass), I love to change my style every now and then complete with clothes and haircut, I love music, I love dancing, I love art, I love final fantasy (!), I love rare things, I love anime and manga, I love Harry Potter (!), I love books, I love my mini library, I love the night, I love movies, I love my ipod, I love my little cat Sylfayen, I love nature, I love quads and cars, I love my guitar (even though I trashed it months ago *anger manegement dude it's just damnation O_O), I love my future guitar that I'm gonna buy again some day lol, I love my family even though I can't stand them most of the time.
Yeah i say I love a lot I know I know..

Wait..aren't you thinking why I'm not saying I love my friends like usualy girls do? News flash buddy, there aren't such things as 'friends' *makes disgusted face*. I of most people know, trust me on that one.

Anyway enough for tonight, it's really but I mean really late (notice; the sun is almost coming up o_O). I know I have some sort of insomnia or something or I don't know what it is. Living by the night and sleep during the day. Ofcourse not the whole day. I just love the night, the peace and quiet like the whole world is sleeping, just loveley! *akward silence again*...righttttt let's continue then..

To end this bloody long blog with a perfect picture of....(drums pleaseeeee!)


yesssssss HOGWARTS !

Come on admit it! Harry potter just rocks ^_^

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Untill Next Time xoxo